Savor the intoxicating flavors of the Americas with Belinda’s single-origin chocolates made from highest quality, carefully sourced cacao beans. Indulge, take a bite and let these treats transport you to a land of authentic, exotic and intriguing fruits, spices and chocolate!

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Belinda Chocolates
San Francisco

Single-Origin Premium Chocolate from the Rainforests of Latin America
Belinda Chocolates

Belinda Quintanilla was raised amid coffee and cacao plantations in El Salvador where her passion for high-quality chocolate was born. She pursued her dream in Paris, training as a pastry chef and chocolatière. Belinda became a certified cacao quality expert and worked with top European chocolatiers before founding Belinda Chocolates. She travels frequently to Latin America to personally source the ingredients for her fresh, pure, exotic line of chocolates.