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Belinda Chocolates
San Francisco

Chocolate Bars
Hazelnut $9.50
Las Americas $9.50

Square Truffles
Four flavors: Coffee with Hazelnut, Passion Fruit, Guava and Spicy pepper
Sample bag of four: $9.00
Box of nine: $22.00
Box of fifteen: $36.00
Box of thirty: $72.00

Round Truffles
Coconut-Passion Fruit-White Chocolate
Bag of six: $15.00
Bag of 12: $30.00

Classic Rum Truffle
Bag of six: $18.00
Bag of 12: $36.00
Prices may vary per batch depending on seasonal variety and ingredients.

Single-Origin Premium Chocolate from the Rainforests of Latin America

Chocolate Bars / Truffles

When cacao beans and cacao mass are this carefully selected, you can taste it. When they’re crafted into single-origin chocolates, they transport you to faraway tropical lands.
Take a bite of Belinda’s chocolate from Ecuador and savor notes of orange and pineapple, let a piece of flowery chocolate from Peru melt in your mouth to relish a taste of red fruit and guava, or detect spice and earthyness in a bar from Mexico, distinguished by its mild acidity.
Belinda’s current bars are “Hazelnut” and “Las Americas”.

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Chocolate Bars

Truffles / Chocolate Bars

Belinda’s truffles carefully combine and balance highest quality chocolate with fresh, exotic fruits from Las Americas, organic whenever possible.
Truffles are always seasonal, so you get to enjoy the fruits at their peak ~ see some of the best fresh fruit combinations on the right. But don’t miss the clean, pure chocolate of Belinda’s popular Classic Rum Truffle!


Belinda’s truffles are currently sold in boxes of 4, 9, 15 or 30, as well as in clear bags of 6 or 12 truffles. See pricing on the left.
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Fresh Ecuadorean passionfruit puree with the finest blend of South American chocolate (68%)

Sweet pink guava from Mexico in harmony with a fruity chocolate from Ecuador

A taste of the Caribbean boasts fresh coconut, chocolate (68%) and is rolled in crunchy coconut flakes – a favorite